Revit Template

Robust Systems and Templates are essential to a project’s overall success, speeding up production, streamlining repetitive tasks, and ensuring consistency and accuracy throughout. But developing these templates takes time, money and specialist skills.

This Template is the result of years of development, tried and tested to deliver projects of all shapes and sizes, maximising features and tools within Revit to design and deliver projects in a way that’s faster, easier and smarter.

By leveraging Revit as a platform for BIM (building information modelling), this Template allows for the integration of different workflows and output from the model environment, streamlining the design process.

Accelerate project design & documentation

  • Placeholder sheets & views organised by package
    (fully customizable)
  • Flexible asset numbering system, adjustable to designers requirements
  • Optimised annotation styles, patterns & tag families

Every aspect of this Revit template has been reviewed and adjusted to be more considered for the designer.

BIM Ready workflows

  • ISO 19650 compliant numbering
  • Model Management & Collaboration features
  • Optimised import & export settings

Use Revit as a platform to more easily adopt BIM, imbedding these workflows into your organisations standards .

Continually updated, supported, relevant

  • Always compatible with latest version of Revit
  • Aligned to industry standards & methods of working
  • Online support, guides & training material via the Knowledge Hub

Software capability is always shifting, we are constantly reviewing our tools and templates to incorporate the latest features and improvements, ensuring you are fully supported.

Feature overview

  • Does not require 3rd party tools, scripts or installation. Compatible with Revit & Revit LT versions 2019 to 2022 (View filters and Collaboration settings cannot be used with Revit LT)
  • Primary language for this template is English, additional versions may be available at a later date. Default units are Metric.
  • Parametric Title Sheets – UK sizes A0 to A4
  • Flexible sheet numbering and file management, toggle between the default parameters and industry standards (BS1192 & ISO 19650).
  • Optimised annotation styles, symbols, fill patterns, line styles & line weights
  • Tags for each model category aligned graphically
  • Placeholder levels and Scopeboxes to accelerate modelling and documentation process.
  • Placeholder views, sheets, legends & schedules organised by package (700+)
  • Dedicated view templates, filters and view
    types for each package
  • Toolbox utility to manage package deliverables
    and design standards
  • Model Management tools, views and schedules
  • Optimised import & export settings for DWG’s, IFC and NWC’s
  • BIM ready / industry (ISO) compliant
  • Built in tool tips, hyperlinks and resources

Template Customisation

Key Features

  • Custom Title Sheets to your design, incorporating logos & branding
  • Custom Sheet numbering to your standards
  • Custom Package naming, numbering & browser organisation

The Revit Template can be fully customised to suit your organisation’s standards for a one-off cost.

We believe our templates are the project ready foundations companies need, but we do know that not all companies are the same. So if you have any special requirements you would like please do contact and we will try and help.

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We have been developing templates and standards for many years and appreciate how much time and effort goes into managing these systems.

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