About us

It becomes clearer every day that too many companies are held back or even stopped in their tracks completely by the hurdles that the initial adoption of BIM can throw up in their path. The cost of establishing new delivery systems, of building the right team, and of training your organisation before you can even begin in earnest: all these things conspire against firms, designers, and their projects.

To genuinely embrace BIM costs time, money, and valuable human resources; it can increase your workload, rather than make things easier, affecting smaller firms disproportionately, sitting as they do as at the wrong end of the economy of scale.

At withBIM, we want to make BIM accessible. We want to see more firms using Revit – and, most importantly, using it to their advantage – for the better of the industry. After all, with improved access, a higher skill level naturally follows and the potential of BIM is only further unlocked.

With all this in mind, we want our own experience and knowledge to benefit others and to make lasting change within the industry.

That’s why working withBIM is different: the tools we have developed allow firms to be project ready almost instantly. Less a case of jumping those hurdles than knocking them over completely before the race even starts.

A group of designers and BIM specialists who have been working in the UK AEC sector for many years, together we have created a new way of working. One which leaves firms to focus on what’s really important. Their staff and their projects