Our Vision

Created by designers, for designers, withBIM was built with a mission to unlock the full potential of BIM. And, in doing so, to change the way that our industry functions. For good, and for better.

Project-ready tools, that makes Revit and BIM accessible and affordable for all at the click of a button, a fully customisable foundation, and a uniquely knowledgeable community all rolled into one, withBIM aims to shift the world of design through accessibility, attainability and the benefit of real-world experience.

Collectively changing and challenging the ways we work, withBIM is goal to support and realise the talent of designers as they create a better physical world. A shared sense of purpose, united behind a single product.

By opening the possibilities of BIM to everyone it has the potential to benefit, democratising a process which has been far too inaccessible for far too long, withBIM enables our community to further open up the possibilities of design. An industry set free to create on its own terms.