This bundle is made up of Curtain System Panels and Wall Types, illustrating different Storewall configurations such as a bank of lockers, booth seating, or generic storage. Leveraging the power of curtain systems within Revit!

All Curtain Panel families are interchangeable between the different System Types, enabling greater flexibility and efficiency when modelling. These Curtain systems can even create openings with partitions!

Parameters such as “door types” and “locker numbers” can be modified within each Curtain Panel family to suit the designers requirements. This workflow and parameter methodology is consistent across all our content bundles, such as Base Units and Storage bundles.

Lockers Single Column

Lockers and Cupboard

Lockers, Cupboard and Booth

Lockers double column

Shelves and Booth

Double column units (Lockers, Cupboards and Booth)

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£40 Excl VAT

All families are compatible with Revit & Revit LT 2019-2022 and require an active subscription to these Autodesk products.
In addition to the Revit families you will also receive a PDF manual explaining how to use these products in more detail.

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