Full Height Units

Single Door

This fully parametric family contains an instance parameter to select the desired number of internal shelves.

All types have the option to select a different leg and door type or no door. We also provide a selection of door families for use with the full height units that can be found in the Panels & Accessories Bundle.

Double Door

The double door family functions the same as the single door family, with the same instance and type parameters.

These families are easy to modify depending on the needs of the user, with the correct 3D, plan, elevation and section graphics.

Single Door – Multiple Doors – Oven & Microwave

This is a fully parametric family with four fixed doors. Similar to the rest of the families in this bundle, the doors can be changed with any of our panel types from the “Panels & Accessories” bundle. This bundle includes doors with an oven and microwave set within them.

Single Door – Multiple Doors

In the same way as with the single and double door families function, this family has instance parameters that control the number of doors and shelves.

Single Door – Fridge

This family function similarly to the single door family, but with one shelf separating the storage area from the Fridge / Freezer, which are connected to the integrated door.

Discounts available Plan Subscription cusomters!

£30 Excl VAT

All families are compatible with Revit & Revit LT 2019-2022 and require an active subscription to these Autodesk products.
In addition to the Revit families you will also receive a PDF manual explaining how to use these products in more detail.

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