BIMfluence is changing how we build. Together. For better.

Built by designers, for designers, BIMfluence is truly project-ready platform with a mission to shift the way our industry works.

By opening BIM to everyone that it has the potential to benefit, our goal with BIMfluence is not just to build a user base, but to grow a community. A network of like-minded designers, across the breadth of the industry, collectively changing the ways we work. A shared sense of purpose, united behind a single product.

Built on the basis of first-hand industry experience, BIMfluence gives designers the space and tools to do what they do best. With instant access to a project-ready tool, created to be customised, and an invaluable network of ongoing support.

BIMfluence isn’t just our latest product offering, it’s our engine for full-scale change, using BIM to build new ways of working. Together, with the right tools, we can create a better industry for everyone.